Sample list of our staff's experience:

•On-Call Drainage Projects Work Orders, City of Houston (2011-2016)

•Barker Cypress Corridor Improvements-Harris County

•Kirkwood/ Briar Forest Neighborhood Drainage & Flood Control Improvements , City of Houston

•Buffalo Bayou Flood Impact Study for Buffalo Bayou Park Development near Downtown, Houston

•Pre-Engineering for Storm Water Engineering Projects-City of Houston.

•Pre-Engineering for Street Improvement Projects-City of Houston.

•Watershed Master Plan for Galveston Bay and Jackson Bayou Watershed, Harris County Flood Control District, Texas

•Floodplain and Floodway delineation for Clawson Ditch, TSARP, HCFCD.

•Crestmont-South Acres Storm Sewer Improvements, City of Houston

•Green House Road Widening, Harris County, Texas

•Greater Houston Wastewater Program, GHWP, City of Houston. Involved with sanitary sewer hydraulic modeling.


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